Sunday, December 28, 2008

Efficasoft GPS Utilities v1.2.0.3720 Beta

The best-selling Smartphone GPS software is now available on Symbian! Free map navigation, digital compass, speedometer... NOW SUPPORT *BUILT-IN* GPS RECEIVER!

Digital compass, speedometer with alarm, real-time map navigation... Get GPS Utilities for your Symbian handset and be ready for travelling, hiking, driving, geocaching and more!


  • Designed GPS information overview.
  • Free image map real-time navigation. (Advanced caching technology supports fast map operation & ULTRA LARGE map image)
  • "Go To" function - define your destinations and be guided all the way with distance, TTA, direction guider, proximity alert...
  • World map view navigation with free-scale zooming.
  • Digital speedometer & customizable speed alarms.
  • Two-mode digital compass with dest. information display.
  • New! Google KML, GPX, CSV format track logger & trip statistics.
  • Customizable track logger & trip statistics.
  • Waypoint & POI Manager + 30+ pre-defined POI icons.
  • Night view mode, fast 0~7 view switch.
  • Advanced smooth animation effects.
  • Advanced "5 Sec. Average" and "Kalman Filter" processors for high precision navigation.
  • Supports built-in & Bluetooth NMEA0183 GPS receivers. Auto detects Bluetooth GPS receiver

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Psiloc Connect v1.17

The smartest way to use an Internet connection on your device

Its Features:


Psiloc Connect always makes sure you use the fastest possible Internet connection available.

Save money

Psiloc Connect allows you to save some money, by not using 3G connectivity when WLAN is available.

Auto Switch

Psiloc Connect handles access point switching for you, no more of that tedious tasks.

How It Works:

Psiloc Connect is an application which will get rid of all your access point problems.

Upon installation the application will create a new access point on your phone - Psiloc Connect. Using that access point in any of your applications will let Psiloc Connect handle the connectivity.

It will do so by firstly searching the current surroundings for known WLAN networks, a connection will be made through the best available WLAN. If however, there are no WLANs in your vicinity, Psiloc Connect might use 3G/GSM to connect to the Internet.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008


HelixPlayer for Symbian v3.0 project advances the technology supported in the HelixPlayer for Symbian v1.0 to Atlas version of Helix DNA Client and ports the player to the latest released version of Symbian OS (9.1).


The new features in this player are inherited from Atlas and Cayenne versions of Helix DNA Client. The highlight features are summarized below:

  • File formats .3gp, .mp3, .amr, .rm, .ram, .ngt, .wma, .wmv, .asx, .sdp
  • Audio Codecs MP3, AMR-NB, AAC+, RA8-LBR, RA10, RA-Voice, WMA9, WMV9, Vorbis
  • Video Codecs H263+, MPEG4, H264, RV8, RV9, RV10, WMV9, Theora
  • Systems Plugins, MediaNuggets, PlayNow1.0, TrueLive

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Face Disaster 2.0

The program for the deformation of photos in the mobile phone, then, can send photos to friends, so you can save a sequence of changes in the sequence, to get movie...

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tektronic Missed Calls Reminder v1.01.62.S60v3

Missed Calls Reminder is a software service which automatically alerts/reminds if you have missed calls. It will detect the missed calls and will display a small icon in top of the screen. After the time period you have set, the service will automatically notify you by playing a sound alert and/or by vibrating the phone to take your attention. You must press a key in order to stop the alert sound and vibra. If you do not press a key, the alert sound will be re-played later after the alert time period so that you will be notified again about the missed calls you have.Enable/Disable the Missed Calls Reminder service.

From the main menu, select the Service status option and press the joystick to Enable or Disable the Missed Calls Reminder service.


  • Alert after. Set the time period in minutes after which you will be notified by a sound alert and/or vibra if there are missed calls.
  • Select alert sound. Select the sound file from the phone Gallery to be played if there are missed calls.
    Sound volume. Set the volume percent for the alert sound.
  • Vibrate. If set on Yes the phone will vibrate when you are notified for the missed calls. The vibra option must be set On in the current active Profile in order the phone to vibrate. (see phone built-in Profile application)

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lonely Cat Games X-Plore v1.22


  • View all drives / folders / files on phone in tree view
  • Integrated text and image viewer
  • View file details
  • Edit file attributes (hidder, read-only, etc)
  • Rename and delete files
  • Create or edit text files
  • Create folders
  • Multi-selection
  • Copy or move files and folders
  • Send files by Bluetooth or Infrared
  • Extract files from Zip, Rar, Jar archives
  • Pack files to Zip archive
  • View Word documents
  • Hardware device info
  • View processes and tasks
  • Built-in program update
  • Viewing, saving files in Messagning folders
  • Hex viewer and editor
  • Search files
  • Folder hotkeys

The inside of your file cabinet is less than stellar, but never fear: the disorganization that affects your office doesn't have to affect your phone! With X-plore, you can easily manage, organize or even garbage your files. Plus, view current processes, tasks, messages, zip files and more. Sorting files and folders is as easy as clicking a button, and transferring files couldn't be easier with Bluetooth and infrared capabilities. Now, about that file cabinet...

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Desperate Housewives by Gameloft

A new neighbor arrives in Wisteria Lane and meets Susan, Bree, Lynette, Gabrielle and Edie. But nothing is quite what it seems on Wisteria Lane! The newcomer has her own mysteries that will shake up the lives of the "Desperate Housewives". Murder, blackmail and adultery are among the secrets to unveil in this juicy, original mobile game.

Just like the television series, you can't miss this exclusive season of the official mobile game of ABC's Desperate Housewives. Now, join the people of Wisteria Lane, and uncover their dirty, little secrets and more.

(128 x 128) here >>

(128 x 160) here >>

(208 x 208) here >>

(240 x 320) here >>

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SmartMovie v3.41

SmartMovie is a video player for your mobile device, with counterpart PC converter utility. With the converter, you may prepare any video clip for playback on your mobile device.


  • Standard AVI format, allowing you to preview converted files on your PC.
  • Player uses the phone screen in portrait or landscape mode, utilizing full screen size of the device.
  • Rescaling of video to utilize full-screen area.
  • PC converter allows you to split video file into multiple segments, so that it fits onto your memory card, if not entire, then cut to more parts - you may watch your favorite video in parts, e.g. while traveling to work/school.
  • Support for subtitles - allowing you to watch movies in different languages.
  • Friendly PC converter - preview videos on PC, select parts you want to convert, alter quality.
  • Supports DirectShow codecs, so you may use video codecs downloadable from the internet.
  • Very fast conversion; on standard PC conversion is 5x faster than video clip playback time. You'll convert entire movie in just a few minutes
  • Bicubic rescale algorithm shrinks video to small screen size in best possible quality.
  • Adjustable quality parameters for video and audio streams, allowing tuning target video to your needs.
  • Customizable video Player (brightness, language, volume, and more).

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Monday, December 8, 2008

FExplorer 1.17

FileExplorer lets you manipulate the files of your Nokia phone,you can use the cut/copy/paste functions through the directories, you can also send files via bluetooth or infrared. Other usefull functions are also available such as making or removing directories, keeping the light always on etc.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Schlag den Raab

Schlag den Raab is a game show airing on the German television channel ProSieben.
A candidate, who can beat Stefan Raab in a number of disciplines, wins the jackpot.

Download (128 x 128) here >>
Download (128 x 160) here >>
Download (208 x 208) here >>
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

EA Mobile FIFA 09

Step onto the pitch in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 09! Pass, tackle and shoot your way to victory with a game that delivers real football action. Control the action with new Side-On View and beat the defenders with precision passing.

Execute perfect 1-2 passes, crosses and triangle pass plays. Set up spectacular headers and volleys. Time your shot right for amazing overhead goals. Show your skills to be named Man of the Match. Choose Season Mode or beat the odds in Challenge Mode.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

SHAPE Services IMPlus v7.14

IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger

Chat with IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger within AIM®/iChat, MSN®/Windows Live™ Messenger, Yahoo!®, ICQ®, Jabber®, Google Talk™ and MySpace® IM from your mobile device in real-time. Communicate with friends and colleagues wherever you are regardless of location and mobile operator.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Medieval Bluetooth File Transfer OBEX FTP 0.99

Use your cell phone to browse, explore and manage files of any Bluetooth ready device! Download, upload, edit, create, delete and rename files and folders on your phone, PDA, palm, notebook, PC, photo viewer, music player and so on...; using an easy, fast and intuitive user-interface (GUI). Transfer or delete many files and entire folders at once, with a single keypress, using the multiple selection feature. Explore hidden files, or make your personal data private and/or read-only, using the attributes editor (local filesystem only). Save your favorite devices in the bookmark list, to speed-up the connection procedure. Require: MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1.

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SkyeStream SkyeCaller Pro v2.00

The worlds smartest looking Nokia software available for incoming + outgoing call + text personalisation. Full Screen Caller Display & FREE Video Ringtone Player..All-in-one!

SkyeCaller PRO II - S60 3rd Edition : What does it do?

  • The worlds smartest looking Nokia software available for incoming + outgoing call + text personalisation
  • Set any image to a contact or profile
  • Set any video ringtone to a contact or profile
  • Set any ringtone to a contact or profile
  • All in one convenient, easy to use interface ...
  • Incoming & Outgoing calls will display contact Image and Details full screen
  • Incoming & Outgoing text messages will display contact Image & Details full screen
  • Incoming calls will play any video on your device as a Video Ringtone! No more paying for your Video Ringtones!
  • Enable/disable settings for calls/text incoming/outgoing
  • Multiple languages available.
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