Monday, July 14, 2008

Opera Mini 4

Opera Mini™ is a fast and tiny Web browser that allows you to access the full Internet on your phone. Take all your favorite Web sites and download images, MP3`s on the go with Opera Mini!

Opera Mini 4 delivers several new features for quicker scrolling, navigation and page rendering. This newest release also includes optimized features for BlackBerry devices, Landscape Mode (so — if you prefer to — you can now view your content sideways) and the ability to sync your Bookmarks and Speed Dial with those on your Computer. Opera Mini 4 now enables you to take your full Web experience and digital lifestyle with you — everywhere you go. Opera Mini 4 is free, so download it now!

Opera Mini uses a remote server to pre-process Web pages before sending them to your phone. Web content is optimized for your device, ensuring fast browsing and a great user experience.

Opera Mini™ offers the same speed and usability as the renowned Opera mobile browser, and uses Opera’s Small Screen Rendering™ technology to provide access to the Web. It has all the features expected of a browser, and more, such as content download, skinning, bookmarks, browsing history. In addition, Opera Mini recognizes your phone and optimizes Web pages accordingly to provide faster browsing.

This download file contains both MIDP1 basic and MIDP2 advanced versions. If you are unsure which one to install please visit the following link with your phone`s WAP browser, and you will receive the right version. -

Download Opera Mini .jad click here.
Download Opera Mini .jar
click here.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Call Filter

Call Filter is a utility application realised under the concept "Simple Yet Efficient" for your Symbian devices.

It allows you to hang-up any incoming calls from contacts selected as a filter rule in main application screen. Gives you a very convenient and quick access to block/unblock some phone number at runtime.

Download Call Filter click here.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Nimbuzz is a FREE all-in-one solution for Internet-enabled mobile phones that allows you to take your IM buddies with you -- wherever you go.

Nimbuzz works with all the major messengers, including: Skype, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM, Jabber and more (ICQ coming soon).

Nimbuzz on your mobile promises you:
  • Free Chat, Group Chat and Chatrooms
  • Free Mobile VoIP calling (coming soon!)
  • Free File, Photo and Ringtone sharing
  • Free Voice Messaging
  • Free Text Messaging (within Nimbuzz)
  • Free Phonebook Backup and Restore
  • Free "Buzz" notifications (to get your buddies online!)
  • Local-cost Mobile Calling worldwide
  • No phone credits to purchase
  • No credit cards required
Download Nimbuzz click here.


Get mobile email for your phone! Send and receive free text messages on your phone! Make low-cost international mobile calls! Make easy and low-cost conference calls! All functions in one software on your phone! cellity Communicator runs on ANY phone, with ANY provider and in ANY country, is easy to set up and is approved by quality assurance (secure, very fast, low volume).
Download Cellity Communicator click here.
More information
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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Download Mippin and launch your phone in to a world of video, blogs and pictures. You’ll find content from the webs top brands to your favourite blogger. Plus personalise your home page and share news, views and stories. Make it Mobile with Mippin.

Download Mippin .jar click here.
Download Mippin .jad
click here.


Y-Browser is a filebrowser application designed for S60 3rd edition devices (Symbian OS 9-->). Earlier releases include also versions for 1st and 2nd edition, but since 0.80 only 3rd edition devices are supported. This is due some API's that are only supported in 3rd edition.

Download YBrowser click here.


Want to personalize your phone and get more from your Nokia themes? Get AutoThemes and have new experience with mobile themes changing due to your own time schedule or active mobile profile!

AutoThemes application for Series 60.3 is a cute theme scheduler for your Nokia Smartphone. AutoThemes will change themes for you automatically, according to the active profile or at the exact time chosen.

AutoThemes performs automatic themes change on your Series 60 v3 Symbian smart phone. Themes change is made using your own rules, which you have to create.

AutoThemes allows creating two types of rules: time based rule and profile based ones. Nokia theme can be changed at exact time, or can be changed when certain profile is activated.

Theme changer rules are totally adjustable, with ability to activate or deactivate the rule with one key pressing, edit time or condition of theme change.

Key Features:

  • Two types of rules for theme change: profile based and time based
  • Theme change performed smoothly and silently, without mobile reboot
  • Easy to use and friendly interface, easy rule creation
  • Quick rule deactivation with only one key pressing
  • Multilanguage support

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian

Download click here

MobileDVD S60 3rd Edition

MobileDVD is the easiest and most enjoyable way to play videos on your S60 phone. Moreover, with the MobileDVD free Convertor for Windows you can shrink any video from your desktop PC, make it compact and playable on selected phone model, and allow you to take your favorite movies everywhere you go- in your travels, on vacation or simply on your way to work.

Four Easy Steps to Get Video on Your Phone

With MobileDVD you can convert desktop video files and watch them on your S60 phone. Amazingly whole movies fit on a memory card as small as 128 Mb.

  1. Locate and open the video file in MobileDVD desktop converter.
  2. Let MobileDVD make the file smaller and optimize it for your phone model.
  3. Transfer the new video to your mobile through Bluetooth or cable
  4. Enjoy the video on your mobile handset.

MobileDVD is with a simple still elegant interface for easy playback and access to most used playback functions and settings.

MobileDVD Player

  1. Portrait and Landscape playback modes;
  2. Support of full screen;
  3. Adjustable volume;
  4. Adjustable brightness;
  5. File browser for easy access and management of video files.

PC Video Converter

The free desktop video converter that comes with MobileDVD is a powerful media tool that supports a wide variety of codecs and video formats formats, and allows you to create small video files for playback on mobile phones.

  1. Embedded video player, allowing you to preview the files that will be converted;
  2. Ability co convert just selected parts of video files;
  3. Ability to split the original video file into multiple segments for easier unload on memory cards;
  4. Adjustable quality parameters for video streams, allowing you to create video file for your needs and preference;
  5. Adjustable target device screen resolution;
  6. Support of the most commonly used video and audio codecs DivX and XDiv.

Download MobileDVD Player click here.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

MSDict Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary

This dictionary provides full coverage of all the important terms and concepts used in medicine today. Written by distinguished practicing specialists and medical writers, it is intended primarily for workers in the paramedical fields: pharmacists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, social workers, hospital secretaries, administrators, technicians, and so on. It will also be invaluable for medical students and practicing doctors. Each entry contains a basic definition, followed- where appropriate- by a more detailed explanation or description. A feature of the dictionary is that the articles are written in clear and concise English without the use of unnecessary technical jargon. For this reason the book will also be of both interest and value to the general reader who needs a home medical dictionary.

Download MSDict Oxford Concise Medical Dictiory click here.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

MobiSystem Office Suite 4.5 Symbian S60 3rd Ed

OfficeSuite is a complete mobile office solution, allowing you to create, view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files away from your office. The program utilizes the most commonly used desktop document formats and allows you to easily acquire your sensitive documents on your handset. With the advanced editing features you can modify documents on the fly and save them in their original format, just ready to be used back on your desktop PC.
Download MobiSystem Office Suite 4.5 click here.

Asphalt 3: Street Rules for Symbian 3rd Editon

The best mobile phone racing game returns to plunge you right into the heart of the underground racing world.
Download Asphalt 3: Street Rules Symbian 3rd Ed click here.

Smart Movie Symbian S60 3rd Edition

SmartMovie is a video player for your mobile device, with counterpart PC converter utility. With the converter, you may prepare any video clip for playback on your mobile device.
Download Smart Movie for Symbian 3rd Edition click here.