Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tektronic Missed Calls Reminder v1.01.62.S60v3

Missed Calls Reminder is a software service which automatically alerts/reminds if you have missed calls. It will detect the missed calls and will display a small icon in top of the screen. After the time period you have set, the service will automatically notify you by playing a sound alert and/or by vibrating the phone to take your attention. You must press a key in order to stop the alert sound and vibra. If you do not press a key, the alert sound will be re-played later after the alert time period so that you will be notified again about the missed calls you have.Enable/Disable the Missed Calls Reminder service.

From the main menu, select the Service status option and press the joystick to Enable or Disable the Missed Calls Reminder service.


  • Alert after. Set the time period in minutes after which you will be notified by a sound alert and/or vibra if there are missed calls.
  • Select alert sound. Select the sound file from the phone Gallery to be played if there are missed calls.
    Sound volume. Set the volume percent for the alert sound.
  • Vibrate. If set on Yes the phone will vibrate when you are notified for the missed calls. The vibra option must be set On in the current active Profile in order the phone to vibrate. (see phone built-in Profile application)

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