Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pleex v0.89

Have you ever lost your phone? Have you ever had your mobile broken or stolen?

Do you remember the ache of no longer having your contacts or content? Well, download Pleex and never experience that pain again!

Pleex lets you backup all your mobile content: address book, MP3, pictures, videos…! Back it up whenever you want, no PC nor cable needed !

It's free, simple and instantaneous. Just launch the software and click on "Save" !

You can then manage both contacts & files on your private Web space at Pleex

Pleex also enables you to chat with other users, share your profiles, documents, images, videos, MP3 with other users. You can even gain reward points and exchange them for goodies in our online store !

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

The BBC's On-Demand TV Service

The BBC's On-Demand TV Service,

Went Live Today For Selected S60 Devices just like we expected, BBC's on-demand TV service also known as BBC iPlayer which lets you download a wide range of BBC television programmes transmitted in the past seven days is finally available for the selected Nokia S60 phones.

From today, you'll be able to run the BBC's iPlayer on your mobile phone and to catch-up, stream and download your favourite BBC programmes on demand for up to seven days after broadcast.

The S60 version of the BBC iPlayer allows UK audiences to download and stream BBC TV programming but only over the Wi-Fi connection for now although it was promised that player will be 3G and the Wi-Fi compatible!

Anyway, S60 version of the iPlayer is released as the Web Runtime (WRT) Unfortunately and soon or later they will release it as native Symbian application which will be available for wall 2nd and 3rd edition S60 phones, not only for very few devices that support Web Runtime (WRT)at the moment.

So far it’s confirmed as compatible with the FP2 phones like Nokia N78 and Nokia N96 of course, but it also works on the WRT extended FP1 phones like the Nokia N95!

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Efficasoft GPS Utilities v1.2.0.3720 Beta

The best-selling Smartphone GPS software is now available on Symbian! Free map navigation, digital compass, speedometer... NOW SUPPORT *BUILT-IN* GPS RECEIVER!

Digital compass, speedometer with alarm, real-time map navigation... Get GPS Utilities for your Symbian handset and be ready for travelling, hiking, driving, geocaching and more!


  • Designed GPS information overview.
  • Free image map real-time navigation. (Advanced caching technology supports fast map operation & ULTRA LARGE map image)
  • "Go To" function - define your destinations and be guided all the way with distance, TTA, direction guider, proximity alert...
  • World map view navigation with free-scale zooming.
  • Digital speedometer & customizable speed alarms.
  • Two-mode digital compass with dest. information display.
  • New! Google KML, GPX, CSV format track logger & trip statistics.
  • Customizable track logger & trip statistics.
  • Waypoint & POI Manager + 30+ pre-defined POI icons.
  • Night view mode, fast 0~7 view switch.
  • Advanced smooth animation effects.
  • Advanced "5 Sec. Average" and "Kalman Filter" processors for high precision navigation.
  • Supports built-in & Bluetooth NMEA0183 GPS receivers. Auto detects Bluetooth GPS receiver

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Psiloc Connect v1.17

The smartest way to use an Internet connection on your device

Its Features:


Psiloc Connect always makes sure you use the fastest possible Internet connection available.

Save money

Psiloc Connect allows you to save some money, by not using 3G connectivity when WLAN is available.

Auto Switch

Psiloc Connect handles access point switching for you, no more of that tedious tasks.

How It Works:

Psiloc Connect is an application which will get rid of all your access point problems.

Upon installation the application will create a new access point on your phone - Psiloc Connect. Using that access point in any of your applications will let Psiloc Connect handle the connectivity.

It will do so by firstly searching the current surroundings for known WLAN networks, a connection will be made through the best available WLAN. If however, there are no WLANs in your vicinity, Psiloc Connect might use 3G/GSM to connect to the Internet.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008


HelixPlayer for Symbian v3.0 project advances the technology supported in the HelixPlayer for Symbian v1.0 to Atlas version of Helix DNA Client and ports the player to the latest released version of Symbian OS (9.1).


The new features in this player are inherited from Atlas and Cayenne versions of Helix DNA Client. The highlight features are summarized below:

  • File formats .3gp, .mp3, .amr, .rm, .ram, .ngt, .wma, .wmv, .asx, .sdp
  • Audio Codecs MP3, AMR-NB, AAC+, RA8-LBR, RA10, RA-Voice, WMA9, WMV9, Vorbis
  • Video Codecs H263+, MPEG4, H264, RV8, RV9, RV10, WMV9, Theora
  • Systems Plugins, MediaNuggets, PlayNow1.0, TrueLive

Download here >>