Monday, November 17, 2008

Total Patrol v1.01

A program for all reminders of missed events. Released for Symbian 9.2.

In the first version has reminders of missed calls, SMS and low battery power. Personally, I these napominalok enough. But I shall consider your wishes for adding new napominalok. Benefit application architecture originally designed for the possibility of adding new napominalok.

If we missed events program begins to file periodic signals. For each type of missed events can customize your message.

An audible signal silence can be pressing any key. (: Where is this key look in the manual to your phone

Loudness alarm and mode of operation vibrosignala (working or not) is taken from the current profile. If your phone to silent night shifts or in quiet mode, the program, respectively, will not lodge signals, or will do so quietly.

In the distribution included two signals, which are used by default. It turns out not all phones have signals that I used earlier.

General settings. So far only autoload. In accordance with the accepted practice of programming, is off by default autoload. To move to other settings, press right into the joystick.

Download >> here.