Thursday, July 10, 2008

MobileDVD S60 3rd Edition

MobileDVD is the easiest and most enjoyable way to play videos on your S60 phone. Moreover, with the MobileDVD free Convertor for Windows you can shrink any video from your desktop PC, make it compact and playable on selected phone model, and allow you to take your favorite movies everywhere you go- in your travels, on vacation or simply on your way to work.

Four Easy Steps to Get Video on Your Phone

With MobileDVD you can convert desktop video files and watch them on your S60 phone. Amazingly whole movies fit on a memory card as small as 128 Mb.

  1. Locate and open the video file in MobileDVD desktop converter.
  2. Let MobileDVD make the file smaller and optimize it for your phone model.
  3. Transfer the new video to your mobile through Bluetooth or cable
  4. Enjoy the video on your mobile handset.

MobileDVD is with a simple still elegant interface for easy playback and access to most used playback functions and settings.

MobileDVD Player

  1. Portrait and Landscape playback modes;
  2. Support of full screen;
  3. Adjustable volume;
  4. Adjustable brightness;
  5. File browser for easy access and management of video files.

PC Video Converter

The free desktop video converter that comes with MobileDVD is a powerful media tool that supports a wide variety of codecs and video formats formats, and allows you to create small video files for playback on mobile phones.

  1. Embedded video player, allowing you to preview the files that will be converted;
  2. Ability co convert just selected parts of video files;
  3. Ability to split the original video file into multiple segments for easier unload on memory cards;
  4. Adjustable quality parameters for video streams, allowing you to create video file for your needs and preference;
  5. Adjustable target device screen resolution;
  6. Support of the most commonly used video and audio codecs DivX and XDiv.

Download MobileDVD Player click here.